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Sample Kit - Pure Essential Oil Blends

  • Experience a sample of all five of our Pure Essential Oil Blends – Vibrance, Passionate, Love, Calm, and Grounded. Each blend has a unique scent and aromatherapeutic properties, helping to set your intention. You can use them as your natural perfume, in your diffuser, or added to a carrier oil to use as a moisturizer.

    With every sample order you get a 15% OFF Voucher to use when you order a full size blend. The discount will apply for any of the products in the kit but can only be used once.

    *NOTE* these are sample bottles for testing only so they will only be about a quarter full, particularly as oils evaporate. This is not the case for the full size essential oils.

    For Best Results:
    Apply 1-2 drops onto wrists, or add to a carrier oil (such as pure coconut, olive, or grapeseed) and apply like a moisturizer. Use it in your diffuser, or add it to water to make a room spray.
    With all essential oils, we recommend doing a small patch test before using. Our essential oils blends are not intended for internal use..


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