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Restore Travel Kit - Anti-Aging/Dry Skin Care

  • This set adds much-needed moisture to dry skin types, and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin. Our Aloe Herb Cleanser, Kaolin Micro Exfoliant, Neroli Toning Mist, Anti-Aging Facial Oil, and Coconut Honey Mask work together to leave your skin hydrated, fresh, and radiant. Comes in a free linen drawstring bag.

    ALOE HERB CLEANSER (1/2OZ) - Cleanse and lift excess oil with this pH-balanced, aloe vera-based cream cleanser. Infused with healing herbs and a light blend of natural oils containing essential fatty acids, to keep your skin naturally hydrated. Gently removes makeup and impurities without drying or leaving any residue. Leaves your skin feeling nourished, soft and beautiful.

    KAOLIN MICRO EXFOLIANT (1/2OZ) - Cleanse and detoxify your skin with re-mineralizing green kaolin clay. Diatomaceous earth promotes a smooth, soft texture and creates a rich exfoliant that replenishes minerals, stimulates and removes impurities. This revitalizing treatment leaves skin polished, flawless and restored.

    NEROLI TONING MIST (1OZ) - This delicate aloe vera infusion hydrates, softens and balances your skin, and enhances absorption of all serums and oils. The sweet, orange-blossom aroma of neroli oil calms and soothes the mind. Use throughout the day to instantly feel hydrated and refreshed.

    ANTI-AGING FACIAL OIL (5ML) - This luxurious, herb-infused formula delivers intense moisture to keep dry and mature skin supple and dewy. Antioxidant-rich seed oils—chia, goji berry, and broccoli—firm and tighten, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba oil—bio-identical to your skin’s natural oil—softens and conditions mature skin. Your skin vibrates in perfect harmony.

    COCONUT HONEY MASK (1/2OZ) - Nourish your skin with this unique, vitamin-rich mask enriched with pure Colorado mountain wildflower honey. Live enzymes and amino acids keep your skin looking smooth and plump. Coconut oil, rich in lauric acid, soothes sensitive skin.

  • ALOE HERB CLEANSER (1/2OZ) - *Aloe vera juice, *coconut oil, saponified oils (coconut oil and plant starches/sugars), *aloe vera juice infused with herbs (*calendula flowers, *hyssop leaves, *lavender flowers, *lemon balm, *life everlasting flowers, *neem leaves, *olive leaves), *vegetable glycerin, aspen bark extract, essential oils of ruby grapefruit, lemon, and green mandarin, non-GMO xanthan gum, *rosemary extract. *Organically grown or wildcrafted

    KAOLIN MICRO EXFOLIANT (1/2OZ)  - *Aloe vera juice, *coconut oil, saponified oils (coconut oil and plant starches/sugars), *vegetable glycerin, *diatomaceous earth (silica crystals), *green kaolin clay, aspen bark extract, green tea leaf extract, essential oils of lavender, sage and lemongrass, non-GMO xanthan gum.*Organically grown or wildcrafted

    NEROLI TONING MIST (1OZ) - *Aloe vera juice, aspen bark extract, neroli essential oil. *Organically grown or wildcrafted

    ANTI-AGING FACIAL OIL (5ML) - *Sunflower seed oil, herb infused oil (*jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, *calendula flowers, *comfrey leaves, *comfrey root, *echinacea purpurea, *gingko leaves, *goji berries, *gotu kola leaves, *hibiscus flowers, *lavender flowers, *lemon balm, *licorice root, *life everlasting flowers, *lotus stamen, *plantago leaves, *rhodiola, *rooibos, *rose petals, *rosemary leaves, *green tea leaves, *shavegrass (horsetail herb), *violet leaves, *acai fruit, *amla, *ashwagandha, *frankincense, *milk thistle seed), *hemp seed oil, *rosehip seed oil, *pumpkin seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, *chia seed oil, *carrot seed oil, *broccoli seed oil, *pomegranate seed oil, cranberry seed oil, *black cumin seed oil, *acai berry oil, *buriti fruit oil, non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols, CO2 extract of sea buckthorn berry, essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver, sweet fennel, frankincense oil, *jasmine sambac absolute and *Moroccan rose absolute. *Organically grown or wildcrafted

    COCONUT HONEY MASK (1/2OZ) - Mountain wildflower honey, *extra virgin coconut oil, *beeswax, *vanilla extract. *Organically grown or wildcrafted

  • ALOE HERB CLEANSER (1/2OZ)  - Use AM/PM. Apply to damp skin, massage into face, rinse. For deeper exfoliation, use with Bamboo Face Brush, Ayurvedic Facial Scrub or Dead Sea Scrub and Mask. *Organically grown or wildcrafted

    KAOLIN MICRO EXFOLIANT (1/2OZ) - Apply in AM to damp face and neck. Massage gently in small upward circles. Rinse. Use 3-4 times a week. 

    NEROLI TONING MIST (1OZ) - Use AM/PM. After cleansing, lightly mist over face and neck. Let dry. Follow with the serum and/or moisturizer best suited to your skin type. Spritz throughout the day for a refreshing pick-me-up.

    ANTI-AGING FACIAL OIL (5ML) - Use AM/PM or as needed. Apply to clean skin or over serum. Pump 1 to 2 full pumps into palm of hand. Dab on nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.

    COCONUT HONEY MASK (1/2OZ) - Apply mask generously to clean skin. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer. Remove with a wet towel. Pat dry. For a spa-like experience and optimal results, before applying mask, open pores in bath or shower, or with a warm towel. For best results, use once or twice a week.

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