Gift Box - For Him

Grab a great gift for the men in our lives... here is a great offer to solve that problem. Not only will he look amazing, he will smell divine too ! And the box is worth £55 but yours for £25 while stocks last...


Beard, Body & Hair Wash 250ml - An all-natural lather, free of the harsh chemicals and skin-irritants of non-natural formulas.  Scented without the use of synthetic fragrance, for a truly natural and masculine cleanse.  Works for beard-washing, body wash, and shampoo...ALL-IN-ONE!

Aftershave Tonic - an all-natural, alcohol-free product that quickly disinfects while not drying out your skin. Comes in 3 scent options that naturally kill bacteria and prevent breakouts and most adverse reactions to shaving. Just splash on the tonic and you’re good to go!

Pre-Shave Oil 60ml - Peppermint, basil, and blood orange together in a thick oil blend that preps the skin with a soothing, yet antibacterial effect. This shave oil reduces agitation and razor burn unlike any other cream or gel.

Solid Cologne 10g - Enjoy these complex scent blends that are free of synthetic chemicals, made from essential oils and all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. This cologne comes in a balm that you rub into your skin (use pulse points for best results) for a lasting, natural scent experience that doesn’t take over the whole room.

Hmmmm... now is this for him or is it really for you???? 

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